So I felt him kick at work for the first time last week (16 weeks). I was sitting there and felt this “PING” really low in my tummy. It felt different than all other tummy feelings I have felt before. I knew it was the baby. I tried to make him move again- pushing and prodding on my tummy- but nothing. I told Jason I was trying to make him move again and he sorta laughed and said, “You have your whole life to bug him.” What! I’m going to bug my son? Impossible. 😉 ha

Well this week (17 weeks) there has been no need to push and prod to feel the lil guy move.

what the moving feels like

One night I kept waking up to what felt like a mini-popcorn bag popping in my tummy. Pop, pop, pop. Either that or it was the tomato bisque I ate-but as any other mommy will tell you they know what food feels like compared to the new sensation of the baby moving. Needless to say this was not very cute, and I can only expect the kicking and waking up at night to get way worse.

Another time I felt him move was  in class. I was just sitting there quietly and he started moving around-ping ping ping- and this time I actually got to feel it with my hand from the outside, that was cool! But I only felt him once. I feel like every time I put my hand down there he immediately stops or “swims” to the other side. Grr, even though like I said before I’ll have plenty of time to feel him squirm before these 5 months are up.

Ya, baby I’m so grateful for you even if you’ve got some healthy kicks and arm flings.